Encounters with the people targeting Beth Israel Congregation families at Sabbath Services


Word of the “Jews pray for genocide” remark circulated quickly. I couldn’t believe it. The next time I attended services the picketers were there (of course) . I charged right up to them and demanded, “Which one of you said, “Jews pray for genocide”?


The woman known as Gloria defiantly thrust out her chin. “I did.”


“You said Jews pray for genocide?!?” I asked, incredulous.


“That’s right,” she confirmed.


A white-haired woman next to her chimed in, “Its true! It’s true!”


I asked them where they worshipped. Gloria said she goes to St. Mary’s in Livonia.  The other one asserted “Nowhere. I’m an agnostic”.


I turned away, still finding it hard to believe their self-righteous ignorance and sheer bigotry. As I walked in the synagogue door one of them (I don’t know which one) screamed at my back, “I’M NOT THROUGH TALKING TO YOU YET!”


The writer is an artist and writer.